Dan Mitchell, owner of Eagle CDI, Inc.

Dan Mitchell, owner of Eagle CDI, Inc.

Daniel Mitchell is the owner and president of Eagle CDI. He is also the Chairman for the Systems Building Council. In addition, Dan was recently elected president of Sevier County Home Builders Association.

Dan is a well spoken man who is a third generation contractor and has spent a good portion of his life constructing homes. He enjoys volunteering as a wrestling coach and helping charitable foundations as well as his love for constructing log homes.

He often speaks at conventions to help contractors better there business operations and on how to build custom homes, as well as consulting with developers, contractors and home builders across the U.S.


Eagle CDI is a “Certified Green” Custom Home Builder, specializing in Custom Log & Timber Homes, for East Tennessee and The Great Smoky Mountain area.


Emphasizing our 14-year history and quality custom home building tradition. Eagle CDI will further our commitment of “Quality without Compromise.” Our Mission will be accomplished by the continuation of offering our clients superior quality, cost-efficient Construction, and the Development of new properties, while maintaining the Integrity of the custom home builder.

• Ensuring that our clients Green Building experience is educational, informative, and rewarding.

• Promoting partnerships with material suppliers, in an effort to continuously improve upon our products and services.

• Providing our employees with a quality work environment and rewarding them for safe practices and excellent workmanship.


We are a Certified Green Builder, utilizing the most up-to-date, cost effective, quality, and environmental building products. We firmly believe that sustainable, energy efficient, and environmentally safe and healthy building materials, can also be appealing, superior quality, and most important, affordable.

Eagle CDI creates environmentally safe and friendly “Green” Homes. Only 100% Energy Star products are used in the construction of our homes. Energy efficiency has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for building economies, without growing energy consumption.

As a Certified Green Professional, Master Builder, and Custom Home Builder/Developer with thirty-five years experience, Mr. Mitchell prides himself as a builder advocate for the construction industry, at both a local and national level. A long standing member of the National Home Builders Association; he serves as Systems Builder Chairman, and Vice President of the Builders System Council, and was recently elected as President of our local Sevier County HBA Chapter.